Welcome! I’m R.F. Hunt – I’m  an author and writer living in the north of England. My debut novel is called The Single Feather, and is published by Pilrig Press.

I am a member of ALCs, the NUJ and The Society of Authors (Associate),

I’m a columnist with The Morning Star focusing mainly on issues connected with disability and inequality – you can read some of them here:

I also carry out interviews for GFT Press


📚 You can buy the paperback here:

📚 You can buy the kindle or paperback version here:

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📚 Also, it is avaiable from The Book Depositary here:

📚 The iBook is available here:

📚 You can also buy The Single Feather in bookshops on the high street. If they haven’t got it in stock, they will be able to order it in for you.

📚 If you or a friend has a visual impairment, and would prefer a large print copy, they are available. Do contact me below.



Rachel has to escape from where she was living with the help of a family member, and that was hard enough, but now the 31 year old who is paraplegic has to regain her independence and feel accepted in her new town, Carthom. The problem is to do that she feels she needs to hide how and why she was injured and her recent past with  ‘the guards’.She joins an art group unaware her fellow members also have secrets. As tension rises, and the group splits into factions, with the ever-present possibility of being returned to her former life, Rachel realises to move on means confronting her past.  REVIEWS

✍️ “In giving a central voice to those who have either been ignored or treated as mere victims in most works of fiction, this is a welcome and mould-breaking debut novel”. Paul Simon: The Morning Star

✍️ “This is a fabulous book – engrossing, absorbing, and warmly humane.” Anthony Trevelyan author of The Weightless World.

✍️ “An intense bittersweet story for anyone who’s ever doubted themselves.” Louisa Dang author of The Rain Catcher

✍️ “R.F.Hunt is an insightful writer, honest and does not shy away from difficult subjects; that she also writes with humour and sensitivity makes this debut novel both very readable and endlessly thought-provoking”. Anne Hamiliton author of A Blonde Bengali Wife

✍️ “I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a real perspective on mental health and disability in the UK, and anyone who wants to meet genuine characters between the pages”. Rosie Claverton author of crime series The Amy Lane Mysteries.

✍️ “Finally a book with a disabled protagonist which isn’t either ‘woe me’ or ‘gawd bless us everyone’. It’s an honest portrayal of what it’s like to be disabled in the 21st Century and is simply outstanding.”  (Amazon reviewer)

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