009.jpg Cards for writers and readers.

This is a pack of four cards, all professionally printed, blank inside for own message. Four cards with envelopes at £4.00 price and postage included (if in UK) outside U.K price is £5.

If you would like a pack, please get in contact. Leave a message for me below, or by email or Twitter.
Payment through Paypal or by cheque.

The captions on the front of cards are as follows:

At least my dog likes my book
Procrastinating? Me?
100% Cure for writer’s block
I always have my nose in a book

More photographs on Twitter at @prozactaker


8 thoughts on “009.jpg Cards for writers and readers.

  1. Marianne Wheelaghan says:

    Brilliant, Ruth, if not a tad wicked 🙂 One request, is it possible to post some bigger pics so we can better see them? Can I order one pack, please. I can pay via PayPal?

    1. electrasmoped says:

      Hi Marianne,
      I had a few problems putting bigger photographs on this blog, I will keep trying! Thanks for your order. On Paypal my address is same as email.
      If you could also email me with your address.
      Any problems, email me.

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