Author Interview: R.F. Hunt, author of The Single Feather, available now from Pilrig Press!

Thank you to Kendra for this interview on her blog.

Kendra Olson

Today we have R.F. Hunt here with us to discuss her newly released book, The Single Feather, a  fantastic read which I highly recommend.

The-Single-Feather bookcoverfinal

What motivated you to begin writing creatively?

When I was very young, I wrote a story and created characters called The Doo’s shaped as a letter ‘D’. My parents cut it up and stapled it together to make a book and sent it off to Hamlyn, the publishers of the Mr. Men series. Obviously, it didn’t get accepted but since then I’ve always enjoyed writing. I had planned to study for a career in Journalism, when I was involved in a serious accident. For about ten years after that, survival and being independent was my goal, and I did very little writing. It was only after my disabilities got substantially worse and I found myself at home with a lot of time on my hands, did…

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