NW Book Tour

The starting gun fired, just as I entered the wonderful Pritchards Bookshop in Crosby. What a delight to see a table with my novels laid out! For a tense 15 minutes, customers walked in and out with barely a glance in my direction. Then I  got my first sale and the next, and the next and so on! Two hours later I left, knowing that on the 26th and 28th I have other events lined up!! Super excited – especially because it’s so great meeting people who are interested in The Single Feather! 


On the 26th March I am at the lovely Sally Bees Gifts which during the day is a gorgeous gift shop, but in the evening it is transformed into a trendy venue suitable for parties. This is where I will be celebrating the publication of The Single Feather from 5-8pm  and signing books. Nibbles, drinks available! This is on Liverpool Road in Birkdale, Southport.

On the 28th March I am at the bookshop I used to visit as a child, and still do most of my book shopping here. With it’s legendary real fire, purchases wrapped in brown paper and string, and four floors of books, it’s called Broadhursts of Southport, Market Street. I will be there from 1-4pm signing copies of The Single Feather.

It would be lovely to see you! 


10 thoughts on “NW Book Tour

  1. Marianne Wheelaghan says:

    So exciting and great venues, couldn’t be more fitting for such a great novel. Hope you are able to enjoy some of it and the just want to say, again, how much i love the cover, it is so striking! You really did a good job designing it! 🙂

    1. R.F.Hunt says:

      It was a joint effort – the cover. I think my idea on it’s own wouldn’t look as good as it does now!! I’m just so glad Pilrig Press allows the author to have so much input with the cover, or not if that’s what someone would prefer!
      Really looking forward to these upcoming events – thanks for your comments and ongoing support, Marianne! Xx

  2. louisajd says:

    Congratulations, Ruth! I really like the back cover, too. So many times, the back of a book is just about the “blurb,” but yours looks very artistic! You and Pilrig Press did a great job!

    1. R.F.Hunt says:

      Thanks Katie!
      Tomorrow is the party at Sally Bees and I’m getting excited for that one!
      Yes, in glad PP allowed us so much input regarding covers. 🙂

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