Mslexia – article about disability in fiction.

Recently, in the Mslexia magazine, there was a great article by Cath Nichols – Kill or Cure about having disabled characters in fiction. In response to the article I wrote a letter, and it appears so did a lot of people, which fits with the  feedback I’m receiving about how refreshingly it is to see  people with disabilities in fiction, especially fiction for adults.   Here is my letter and the (rather creased) first page of the article from Cath.       What do you think? Have you read The Single Feather? Should there be more characters like Rachel, who has a severe disability? Who else is ‘missing’ from fiction?


4 thoughts on “Mslexia – article about disability in fiction.

  1. kendraolson says:

    Well done Ruth! And sorry I’m a bit late with my comment. I absolutely think there should be more characters like Rachel in fiction, and hopefully, thanks to awareness raising, there soon will be 🙂

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