Shhh! Revision ongoing, but coming up….

This blog has and will be a little quiet from now until October, mainly due to my end of year exams coming up in September. As The Single Feather was released in February, I haven’t been able to devote much time to my studies as I’ve been doing book signings, book groups, blog interviews and articles, with workshops coming up soon as well. So I’m feeling a tad worried I’m under-prepared for my university exams.

However, that isn’t to say the blog will be completely silent, as coming up there will be an interview with the lovely and talented Jane Isaac about her new novel Before it’s Too Late.

Also, a notable anti-austerity campaigner recently read and reviewed The Single Feather -and wants to do an interview with me, which will be hosted on this site.

Finally, I will be posting any material that gets published. This is mainly for my own benefit as it keeps everything in one place, however if you’re interested in inequality,disability and poverty you may find something you like amongst these articles.

Then in August I will be at my first Edinburgh books Festival  – so I may have a blog post with some photographs from there!

If, and that’s a big if, I pass my exams, I will be doing a year of Creative Writing study with the OU and ready and waiting, is my box folder full of ideas, chapter profiles, character studies and more for book number two which I hope to have ready by summer 2016.


5 thoughts on “Shhh! Revision ongoing, but coming up….

  1. Marianne Wheelaghan says:

    Good luck with the exams, I am sure you will do very very well. I am also sure we will talk before August but just to say we will be away the beginning of August, until about the middle of month. I really hope you are coming after that because it would be lovely to meet up …maybe even at the book festival where we can take pics of you next to copies of The Single Feather on the Pilrig Press book shelves in the International Edinburgh Book Festival shop 🙂 🙂

    1. R.F.Hunt says:

      We are coming on the 26th/27th, so hopefully we might see each other – and you can meet my (infamous) mother!
      Thanks re:exams – hope you have a lovely holiday.
      Meant to be revising now – but a certain phone call has got me all of a fluster!

    1. R.F.Hunt says:

      Thanks, Kendra. I will be relieved when the exam is over, so I can get on with the Creative Writing modules, with Advanced Creative Writing starting next Oct.

  2. Marianne Wheelaghan says:

    Hey Ruth, I don’t know how i missed your messages here – grr! That is great news about you coming on 26/27th. we will definitely be back in Edinburgh. Look forward to meeting you and your famous mother 😉 And good luck with the exams and results. I used to tutor on the A215 course, which I assume you are finishing up now. It’s a great very broad course – and demanding. I stopped working for the OU before the Advanced Course came out – but it looked to be excellent and Linda Anderson who was in charge of developing all the creative writing courses was my old tutor, and had great ideas and was very supportive. So, good luck again and will be in touch nearer the time to arrange to meet 🙂

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