The Single Feather  (drumroll)…at the BBC!

If you are a Facebook friend you’ll know that on Monday I had some exciting news after I was phoned up by a producer at the BBC. I was so excited, I had to tell someone, but then I felt I’d better wait until some more arrangements had been made before announcing it on Twitter.

Anyway (cough, to clear my voice) I will be travelling down to London, for a 10:10 slot on June 30th at BBC Television Centre – it will feel like I’m in my own strange episode of W1A. I hope I meet the Head of Values!

I will be part of a four person panel  discussing various topics. I will be talking about The Single Feather novel, and site, plus whether people with disabilities are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting published as well as joining in the general discussion. It will be recorded for a podcast for BBC Ouch! A team who recently won a major media award. I might also be writing a piece for their website… 

When I know when the podcast is out,I will post a link to it, and it will hopefully be on here as well.


7 thoughts on “ The Single Feather  (drumroll)…at the BBC!

    1. R.F.Hunt says:

      It’s going to be recorded for a podcast, with BBC Ouch! If you go to their Twitter page, you can subscribe free of charge. However, I will be sharing it when I can. There’s going to be four of us, each talking about our own subject as well as joining in with the general discussion. As mentioned this team recently won a major media award.
      BBC Ouch! is the disability arm of
      BBC and has a large following! I was delighted and taken aback when they called!

      1. kendraolson says:

        Hi Ruth, I will do that. Looking forward to hearing it, and to finding out more about BBC Ouch! Well done! And I hope you enjoy your time in London too. 😉

    1. R.F.Hunt says:

      Thanks, Marianne – the nerves and excitement are starting to kick in!
      Was looking at their Twitter profile, and they have over 25,000 followers l- would be interesting to find out how many subscribe to the podcast etc.

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