Women’s Pensions

This is the first part of my article with Trudy Baddams in The Morning Star.

Women born in the ’50s, who’ve paid their taxes and national insurance for decades, have now been left high and dry by changes to their pensions. Ruth Hunt talks to TRUDY BADDAMS – one of the activists who is doggedly fighting back

Source: Women’s Pensions


2 thoughts on “Women’s Pensions

  1. jaynel62 says:

    I’m in total agreement with Trudy about this, although I was born slightly later in 1962 I find myself in the same position – Power to the campaign but…don’t forget about us later born boom babies please

    1. R.F.Hunt says:

      Thanks, Jayne -I very much agree, many women are affected by this, such as yourself and Trudy. As it was an interview with Trudy I had to use her age, but I do agree with you that those born in early 60’s etc just as affected. The govt failed to pass on this info -an advert in the FT not good enough!

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