Exciting News!

This week, I attended a planning meeting for a partnership with Imagine Independence to deliver a four week writing group. This is to be held at The Everyman in Liverpool, on  Monday afternoons,  which will be repeated if there’s enough demand. 

Since writing The Single Feather, I have held many workshops and groups, and have realised that although I tend to over-prepare and get anxious beforehand- there is nothing better than inspiring others to write and equipping them with the skills to take on creative writing projects of their own. 

I regularly receive emails now, with previous group members showing me their work, or letting me know about their progress, and this is a real joy. Passing on the love of the craft and skills especially to those who may’ve faced obstacles in life is an honour and a privilege, and I’m really looking forward to meeting this new group in September.


7 thoughts on “Exciting News!

      1. kendraolson says:

        Thanks, Ruth! We’ve both had a lot of exciting things happen recently! 🙂 I’ve just checked the cards and they’re now available, shall send you the link on Facebook. Thanks again! Xx

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