You can be a change-maker!

Last night as I was watching Newsnight, it was mentioned the miscalculation Theresa May and the Conservatives had made in that they thought this was a ‘continuity’ election, but the public realised it was a ‘change’ election.
We don’t want more of the same, namely Austerity, cuts, caps, the Dementia Tax. Instead, we want more investment in public services, the NHS, schools, the police. Something all* the parties agree with (* except for, yes, you guessed it – UKIP and the Tories).

It’s only Labour who is big enough to take on the Tories, so it is so important turnout is high. Have that conversation with young friends, neighbours, members of the family. It only takes two minutes to actually vote, but the repercussions of a Tory government could be felt for a lifetime.
So we all need to vote, and vote for a change, a better fairer future

In this last full day of campaigning, the Tories and the right-wing press are going to try and paint Jeremy Corbyn as a terrorist supporter. It would be laughable if the stakes weren’t this high, as Corbyn has campaigned for peace all his life (which means sometimes you have to talk with the enemy). If you look at the campaigns he has been involved with, we can see he was ahead of his time and, importantly, on the right side of history. Something that can’t be said of Theresa May.

They are also going to try and bring it back to Brexit, her so-called reason for calling this election, though we all know the real reason was to boost her majority. Jeremy Corbyn has been making alliances throughout Europe . Labour also has the benefit of one of our top legal minds, Keir Starmar the former Director of Public Prosecutions on the Labour team. I would much rather trust them, than Theresa May and David Davis (!) who threaten Europe, trying to grab the UKIP vote, but doing real damage to our ability to negotiate.

In fact her whole ‘campaign’ (if you can call it that) with its despicable dog-whistle name-calling and debate-dodging, deserves to be ignored – just like she has ignored the electorate.
Jeremy Corbyn has shown politics can be better, by rising above this name-calling, tackling the very real challenges in this country seriously.
So, tomorrow Thursday, June 8th – don’t vote for more of the same, vote for change!


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