The Cat that Saved my Life by Ruth F Hunt.

I was delighted to be on this blog talking about Izzy, mental health, novel writing and disability. Huge thanks to Katrina Hart author of Finding Destiny.

Katrina Marie

The Cat that Saved my Life

When I was hard at work finishing off my debut novel, The Single Feather, I was aware of just how isolated I had become. Being physically disabled, with spinal cord injuries, getting out and about was full of challenges and so the book became my excuse to avoid them.  This led to me not just becoming cut-off from the outside world but fearful of it as well.

I knew something needed to change.  I asked my landlord if he would agree to me having a cat.  Once I had that agreement on paper, I scoured the RSPCA website. That’s when I first spotted Izzy, a rather striking (and chubby) black ‘n’ white cat.  I visited her and felt an immediate connection.   Before long, I brought her home where, rather than running and hiding, she sat next to me, purring loudly and enjoying a…

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