Always difficult to know when to start lists, but this time it’s easy as I will start with The Single Feather back in February 2015.


February 2015

Feb – The Single  Feather – Pilrig Press

May 2015

May 13th – The Hopes, The Fears, The Fight (my General Election Night) The Morning Star.

May 27th – Scrapping of the Human Rights Act Puts Bedroom Tax Case in Jeopardy – The Morning Star

June 2015

June  1st-  A Grave Threat to Disabled People’s Independence – The Morning Star

June 10th – Short Changing Social Care and Those Who Need it the Most – The Morning Star

July 2015

July 8th -I was Dealing with Broken People – interview with Nick Dilworth  – The Morning Star

August 2015

August 8th  – A Cruel Trick – The Morning Star

August – From Module to Novel -The Open University Magazine

September 2015

September -article about writers block in the OU Write Club Newsletter

October 2015

October 10th -Claimant Death Cover Up – The Morning Star

October 28th – The New Political Author – The Morning Star

November 2015

November 14th – A Unique Perspective, interview Linda Gask – The Morning Star

December 2015

December 10th  – Making Workers Pay – The Morning Star

December 16th – Casualties of the Tory War – The Morning Star

December 23rd  -The Governments Benefits Reforms are a Car Crash The Morning Star


January 2016

January 21st – Is Social Media a Recipe for Real Change? – The Morning Star.

January 28th – Sanctions in Overdrive – The Morning Star

February 2016

February 13th- Bedroom Tax: The Battle  – The Morning Star

March 2016

March 2nd – Joblessness Branded a Mental Illness – The Morning Star

March 23rd – Article re: Lydia a disabled teenager – The Morning Star

April 2016

April 3rd – Interview with author, Linda Gask for GFT Press

June 2016 

June 2nd – interview published ft David Sandum for GFT Press

June 11th interview with Trudy Baddams for The Morning Star.

June 16th Me Before You article in The Morning Star

June 25th -The Social Responsibility of an Author for Briffic authors – online only.

July 2016

July 7th interview published ft Garry Vaux for GFT Press

August 2016

August 6th  article featuring Kathryn Cartwright, Young Ambassador with Anthony Nolan in The Morning Star

August 16th Interview/article  ft Peter Beresford OBE for The Morning Star.

September 2016
Interview and review, Pulling the Trigger self-help book for GFT Press.

30th September- A Circular Aprroach to Social Care, The Morning Star

November 2016

5th November – joint article with Nick Dilworth in The Morning Star

10th November – news item on the Bedroom Tax verdicts

December 2016

1st December- interview in GFT Press site.


February 2017

A Fierce Intellect….tribute to activist, Robert Dellar in The Morning Star

Interview in GFT Press

March 2017

A Multitude of Hidden Hits, The Morning Star

I.W.D article for supplement in The Morning Star

April 2017

Pushed to the Brink, in The Morning Star

May 2017

Interview in GFT Press

Homeless in Hospital for Stories for Homes
(Degree finished! BA (Hons) 2:1

June 2017
Why I’m backing Labour – Dr Jonathan Taylor in The Morning Star

August 2017

Another Excuse to Defund Mental Health Services (with Linda Gask) in The Morning Star

September 2017

Interview with Dr Jonathan Taylor in GFT Press

Lead feature in The Morning Star: ‘Scarred by the DWP’.

November 2017

Budget thoughts with Nick Dilworth

January 2018

Bedroom Tax/Human Rights Act article with Jayson and Charlotte Carmichael